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Ready to look at homes for sale in Topeka/Shawnee County? We have your back when it comes to negotiating a great deal, noticing those things most people don’t catch, handling all of the paperwork, & finding those properties you can’t easily find online.

For home buyers, buying a home will probably rank as one of the biggest personal investments one can make. Being organized and in control will contribute significantly to getting the best home deal possible with the least amount of stress. It’s important to anticipate the steps required to successfully achieve your housing goal and to build a plan of action that gets you there.

Before you can build a plan of action, take the time to lay the groundwork for your decision making process.

Buying a home in Topeka or Shawnee County, KS.

First, ask yourself how much you can afford to pay for a home. If you’re not sure on the price range, find a lender and get pre-approved. Pre-approval will let you know how much you can afford, allowing you to look for homes in your price range. Getting pre-approved also helps you to alleviate some of the anxieties that come with home buying. You know exactly what you qualify for and at what rate, you know how large your monthly mortgage payments will be, and you know how much you will have for a down payment. Once you are pre-approved, you avoid the frustration of finding homes that you think are perfect, but are not in your price range.

Second, ask yourself where you want to live and what the best location for you and/or your family is. Things to consider:

  • convenience for all family members

  • proximity to work, school

  • crime rate of neighborhood

  • types of homes in neighborhood, for example, condos, townhomes, co-ops, newly constructed homes etc.

Finding the Right Seller

It is impossible to find the perfect seller. But it is possible to find out which sellers are legit and which ones aren’t.

The best seller is one who is highly motivated. A highly motivated seller is more likely to negotiate the important things with you. And it matters that you find a seller willing to do this. Learning the reason why can help you get the price you want and help the seller get what they want: a timely sale.

When given the opportunity to meet with sellers, ask them why they are selling. The reason could be anything, such as a job change to a new location or financial problems. If you can solve their problem, whether it is cash related or time-related, do so. For example, if the sellers are highly motivated because they need to move quickly, give them a fast sale – and a lower price. If you can make an offer, even a low one, that gives them cash in a short time, they are more likely to accept.

There are also some sellers that you should avoid. Not every seller is as genuinely motivated as they make themselves to be. Some possible hints:

  • they stall on having the home appraised or inspected

  • they are unable to clear up liens against their property

  • they do not own 100% of their property

  • they push back the move-out date

  • they do not have a replacement property or back up plan, etc.

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Meet Stacy

Stacy Bond


I have lived in Topeka for over 20 years and consider Topeka my home. I was born and raised in Kansas and believe this is a great place to raise a family. I have 2 daughters who go to school here. I am also a dog mom to 4 dogs, they keep me on my toes. I began my real estate career in 2017 after having worked as an attorney in Kansas for 20+ years. I was ready for a change in my life and I have always loved real estate, so it seemed a natural fit. And I was right! I love every aspect of real estate from showing homes to first time home owners, to helping families find their forever home. With my background in law, I also have a special skill set that sets me apart regarding my knowledge of negotiations and my ability to help assist my clients with understanding every aspect of a contract for purchase of a property. Real estate is a fluid business and can change from one day to the next. You should have someone on your side who understands this and is able to guide you through those changes to ensure that you have a successful real estate transaction.

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